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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Other Half of My Heart By Prillylove25
Summary: He had the best friend and publicist in the world until his fame went to his head.  He hurt the only person who knows him and loves him for who he really is.  How can he live without the other half of his heart now that he knows the truth?

The Love Story of Chord and Blade Banner

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Love Story of Chord and Blade By Prillylove25
In this third and final installment, we follow Chord and Blade through a series of text messages and flashbacks as they prepare to walk down the aisle to become husband and wife.

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The House That Love Built Banner

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The House That Love Built BY MrsSpaceCowboy
When they were children, he tried to build her a house. Through the years, they found a home in each other. *First Place Public Vote and Third Place Judges' Choice in the Pop the Question Contest*

The House of Glass Banner

The House of Glass By LuckyStar815
When you're seventeen, you believe in Prince Charming. When you're twenty-four, you're tired of waiting for him and try to settle for less. When you're thirty, you know for sure he doesn't exist.

The Great Divide Banner

The Great Divide By FallenForTheCullen
Story has been removed from FFn, but the banner stays forever. lol

The Dungeon Master and His Lioness Banner

The Dungeon Master and His Lioness By MajorWhitlocklvr89
A vicious attack during the summer before her 7th year opens Hermione's eyes to the manipulations and lies of Dumbledore and his minions. She also discovers her true parentage. Helping Harry and others fulfill their true destinies and loves, Hermione gives up hope of ever finding her own. Will she take a chance with the master of the dungeons?

Don't Mess with the Shoes

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Isabella witnesses something in her boss Edward's office that she shouldn't have. She flees to avoid getting caught and loses a shoe in the process. But did she really get away undetected? My entry for the Dirty Talkin' Edward Contest.

A Little Surprise!

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Blinkie Made by RoseArcadia

Vegas, a one-night stand, and ten positive pregnancy tests later it was official; I got knocked up on spring break. ***PUBLIC VOTE FIRST PLACE WINNER for the TFotV Contest!***

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